Platform for a successful business that combines consumer programs, dropshipping, merchandise store, message board, advertising aggregator
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Why Project WIN?
Project WIN is a unique business platform that provides access to a wide range of business tools, including an online store, a message board, additional education opportunities and much more. At the same time, the platform provides all its users with the most favorable conditions for business.
7000 +
consumers and entrepreneurs on the platform
All your funds on the balance, personal data and information on transactions on the platform are securely encrypted and available only to you
Full control of funds
Detailed reporting and detailed information about your transactions and balances is available in your account 24/7 from anywhere in the world
Project WIN offers many tools for doing business
Platform tools
Online store
WiN Market is a trading, multifunctional platform where each client can buy goods according to the dropshipping model, upon personal request, our platform will find you any product with a discount of 10% or more on the market. Here you can buy from household goods, to large household appliances, cars and real estate. Using the unit of rights WWN discounts up to 50%.
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Bulletin board
Advertising aggregator
WiN Place es una plataforma comercial donde cada cliente y socio puede comprar y vender productos, mostrar sus anuncios y anunciar sus servicios. Es conveniente y seguro, ya que el sitio actúa como garante de la transacción. Las capacidades únicas de la plataforma dan derecho a recibir los máximos beneficios para el cliente, mientras se mantienen relaciones de intermediario.
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Available auto program
- a partner in the field of automotive direction. Provides our customers with any segment of cars from America, Europe, Japan. The ability to bring a car below the market price by 30%, which allows each of our clients to save and earn money. Payment for WWN and auto program for 5 months.
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affiliate program
Earn on invitations
Share the benefits of the platform and invite new users. For each registered user you get a referral bonus - up to 14% of the license cost, a cashback bonus up to 10th depth and a percentage of the turnover of your entire team. Learn more about the opportunities to earn money through the affiliate program.
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Who suits
For partners
  • Profit from profitable operations;
  • Income from company instruments;
  • Participation in a prestigious and developing project
For sellers
  • The ability to sell goods and services on Market Place;
  • Profit from the sale of licenses to new partners;
  • % of your team's sales.
  • The ability to launch a business based on the Project Win platform;
  • B2B interaction form;
  • Profit from a team of competitors.
  • Starting 10% discount on any product (for clients);
  • Payment of up to 50% of the cost of goods using WWN;
  • Purchase guarantee by Project WIN.
Get access to maximum discounts
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