A business platform that combines win generation programs, a product store, a bulletin board with the ability to buy / sell for a unit of WWN rights
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Project WIN is an ecosystem with profitable tools for ads, ads, discounts, profits and affiliate programs
platform with a trading and analytical platform for profitable purchases and capital increase
5000 +
entrepreneurs on the platform
All your funds on the balance, personal data and data on transactions on the platform are securely encrypted and available only to you!
Full control of funds
Detailed reporting and detailed information about your transactions and balances is available in your account 24/7 from anywhere in the world
Big discounts
Buy more WWN for maximum discounts on the site
Platform tools
Market place
The first online store with a hybrid promotion system
We have created a trading platform where each partner can buy and sell products, display their ads using the WWN accelerator. It is convenient and safe, since the site acts as a guarantor of the transaction. Also, all Market Place buyers will receive a pleasant cashback to their personal wallet for a video review.
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WWN rights unit
Dynamic unit with an increase of 0.3% per day
You can buy a unit of rights and exchange it for goods. Internal WWN algorithm increases your discount every day
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WWN exchange
With the ability to pay for purchases WWN
Make safe and profitable transactions within the Project WiN platform: sell, buy and exchange WWN at a favorable rate. Our online support service works 24/7 and will answer any of your questions as quickly as possible.
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affiliate program
Earn on invitations
Share the benefits of the platform and invite new users. For each registered user you get a referral bonus - up to 14% of the license cost, a cashback bonus up to 10th depth and a percentage of the turnover of your entire team. Learn more about the opportunities to earn money through the affiliate program.
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Who suits
For partners
  • Profit from profitable operations;
  • Income from company instruments;
  • Participation in a prestigious and developing project
For sellers
  • The ability to sell goods and services on Market Place;
  • Profit from the sale of licenses to new partners;
  • % of your team's sales.
  • The ability to launch a business based on the Project Win platform;
  • Staking Opportunity;
  • Profit from team license sales.
  • Starting 10% discount on any product (for clients);
  • Payment of up to 50% of the cost of goods using WWN;
  • Purchase guarantee by Project WIN.
Get access to maximum discounts
Actual news
Лучший отзыв
«Лучший отзыв» Чем ярче и эффектнее будет ваш отзыв, тем больше будут ваши шансы на победу.   
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Project Win + VHP
Мы подписали договор с крупной компанией VHP - поставки товаров с Китая.   
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Project Win + Autotrading llc
ProjectWiN совместно с крупной компанией AvtoTrading подписали договор сотрудничества.
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