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Project WIN – it is a business platform for generating profit from transactions with units of rights

All registered users can profitably buy a unit of rights, sell and buy goods using it, and also earn on referral invitations.

On the platform, you can get useful knowledge about online business development, buy and sell goods. Also you can post your educational products, business training and courses on the platform.

Full control
All transactions on the platform go through a single platform, which allows you to effectively control the funds on the balance. Track statistics in your personal account at any time of the day.
Convenient interface
The personal account is the most convenient and easy to use for both sellers and buyers. Intuitive interface, well-thought-out functionality, and nice design.
Safe vaults
Our team employs the best security specialists who are responsible for the confidentiality of wallet data and operations of our users.
Technical support 24/7
We have implemented round-the-clock online support to resolve any issues related to the use of the platform. At any time of the day you can ask a question and get qualified help.
Business education
On the platform, you can improve your knowledge of financial literacy and business management for effective profit generation. Everyone can start earning with us on digital assets.
Worldwide access
Register on Project Win and get access to all the tools for effective trading and investing from anywhere in the world. Run your business without being tied to a city or country.

Combine the trading and analytical platform with the network marketing industry to maximize the attention of people. By recommending a trading platform, partners and clients receive decent rewards, as well as open access to highly profitable tools for many people.

Road map
January, 2020
Birth of an idea
February, 2020
Strategy Development
March 2020
Preparation of a marketing plan for an affiliate program
April 2020
Website development and personal account
June-July, 2020
Preparation of the training program
August, 2020
Launch of the project
August, 2020
P2P platform launch; WWN sales start
September, 2020
Release of WIN unit
September-October, 2020
Market Place launch
November, 2020
Launching new functionality in your personal account
January 2021
Launch of the WWN exchange service
June, 2021
Mobile app launch
June-July, 2022
Full launch of all platform functionality
on the platform
and get income
using her